Wide Neck Med Flow Teat (2PK)

Height: 15.2cm  Length: 8.9cm  Width: 3.9cm  Weight: 10g

➤The GROW Teat has been designed to follow the natural shape of your baby’s mouth which enables correct attachment or latch.

➤Air Ventilation system reduces the intake of air, a potential caused of colic

➤Made from Hospital Grade Medical Silicone and is BPA Free

➤Used in a majority of Australian and New Zealand Hospitals

➤BPA Free

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The registered GROW Wide Neck Long Barrel Teat was designed not to mimic but copy the breast allowing the tip of the teat to be correctly placed slightly in front of the hard and soft palate, the shape allows the tongue to curl around the teat, forming a midline groove that is an important part in directing milk comfortably into the upper throat area before swallowing. The design allows the baby to easily co-ordinate breathing while feeding. M size is for 6 months+. Suitable for wide neck bottles.