Milena Contour


The Contour tub and cabinet is a creative point of difference in laundry design with smooth lines, sleek curves and feature strip to match the stainless steel tub. The Contour is a great leap forward in design and flexibility with features such as safety latches on the doors and adjustable front legs to level the front of the cabinet when the floor is uneven.


  • Dimensions:
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  • Cabinet: Polymer
  • • Rust Free FOREVER

  • Tub: Stainless Steel
  • • 304 Grade
  • • Bowl has Satin Finish

  • Lid: Polymer
  • • Rust Free FOREVER

  • CONTOUR-45SS includes:
  • • Laundry Lid
  • • Door-Tidies
  • • Floor
  • • Adjustable Front Legs
  • • Door Safety Catches
  • • By-Pass Kit

  • Options: Sold Separately
  • Overflow Kit
Lid for tub
By-Pass Kit
By-Pass Kit
Door tidy
Door tidy
Safety catch
Door Safety catch
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