IEFP old


We are very pleased in our progress and would like to introduce you to our new material iEFP. iEFP is not PLA, it is a combination of plant based renewable resources combined in the correct quantities to deliver a biodegradable, compostable and home compostable natural polymer that can be manufactured in the same way as plastic. This allows us to provide products that look and feel like plastic with the ability to decompose in household compost.

Key advantages

  • • Its biodegradable nature and the sustainable process by which it is made.
  • • It can break down into its natural elements in less than a month under the right circumstances
  • • It is compostable in approximately 6 – 36 months depending on the thickness of the product in a home composter
  • • It can break down in approximately 6 – 48 months depending on the thickness of the product in sea water
  • • Emission of greenhouse gases during production is lower. As plants consume carbon dioxide during the growing period, the greenhouse gas emission of the iEFP production process can be considered negative or “carbon neutral”
  • • Is a desirable material for recycling meaning it can be heated, set upon cooling and reheated again then reshaped without any degeneration
  • • It is recyclable in a loop process where it can be reprocessed into a food source for animals
  • • iEFP can be incinerated with no toxic fumes generated
  • • It can be frozen and is domestic freezer safe
  • • iEFP has international standards EN13432, AST D6400, ASTM D6868, AS 4736, AS 5800, OK Compostable and OK Home Compostable approval

We have a number of iEFP products readily available, are constantly increasing our range and are open to discussions on new products