About Grow

A new baby on the way, how special and exciting it is.

As one of the world’s first producers of BPA free baby bottles, Icon Health have been providing Australian and International maternity hospitals with baby bottles and accessories for over 40 years. We understand the needs of parents and that nothing but the best is acceptable for your child.

We recognize that as a parent choosing baby products can be daunting, so Icon Health have released the GROW range of baby products utilizing the same care, safety and standards as the products we provide to hospitals.

Australian owned, made and trusted, Developed by Experts, Used in and recommended by hospitals – Welcome to GROW.


40 years ago Icon Health was approached by one of Australia’s leading hospitals to develop a teat to best suit the baby feeding requirements for neonatal and maternity wards throughout Australia and New Zealand. To design the teat we had to understand how a breastfed baby would normally feed and sort the assistance of one of Australia’s leading Lactation Consultants Robyn Noble DMLT, BAppSC (MedSc), IBCLC who at that time was researching “Therapeutic teat use for babies who breastfeed poorly” with a Paediatric Speech Pathologist. The criteria they provided of the optimal teat design for human babies was given to our design, development and research teams and after many months of intense work we developed the GROW long barrel teat. As the hospitals required sterile single use bottles, the bottle design was simplistic with the main focus turning to the materials these products would be made with. Our research teams were then given the task of finding the safest and highest quality raw materials globally available and once found we started production of the first BPA bottles and the long barrel silicone teats for use in neonatal and maternity wards.

Moving forward

40 years later Icon Health is still providing a majority of Australian, New Zealand and International neonatal and maternity wards with baby feeding products. The GROW long barrel teat is still the preferred teat for use in neonatal and maternity wards. One of Australia’s leading Lactation Consultants Robyn Noble DMLT, BAppsSC (MedSC), IBCLC continues to assist us with our research and development. What we have changed is the availability of these hospital grade products to the public. Our design, development and research teams are focusing on the needs of parents and babies once they leave the hospital incorporating market demand and preference. What we won’t change is our long barrel teat and the continual search of finding the safest and highest quality raw materials globally available.

Our Mission

To be recognised as the best designers and manufacturers of the safest and highest grade baby products, in Australia and throughout the world, through innovation and best practice.

Our Vision

To ensure that all babies are provided the safest products with innovative designs that encourage healthy development.



Research & development

With a dedicated group of researchers and designers Icon Health – GROW have developed baby care products with a primary focus on baby development and safety.
➤Extensive study on how sucking contributes to infant brain organization and development
➤Market trends and the effects on infant brain development, auditory processing and sensory input
➤The effects on babies after using hypochlorite solutions as bottle sterilisers
➤Allergen’s on baby’s gentle skin
All Icon Health – GROW products are extensively researched prior to design and development. All prototypes are thoroughly and rigorously tested in Melbourne and re tested at a second Melbourne site. All bottle and baby cleansing liquids, sanitisers and creams are tested in our Melbourne TGA and FDA approved laboratory and re tested in a Sydney TGA and FDA approved laboratory to ensure they adhere to our natural ingredient policy, that they are hypoallergenic and safe to use.